3D Model & Software Rendering – Aquaroc Bathroom Tap Designs

Aquaroc approached NMD to help 3D model some concept taps. Our renderings of the taps brought their ideas to life! Turning their thoughts into tangible assets. This allowed them to gauge interest in their concept without going to the cost of creating a working prototype.

The concept taps were a valuable tool for Aquaroc. They allowed Aquaroc to see their ideas come to life and get feedback from potential customers.

This feedback helped Aquaroc to refine their designs and to make sure that they were meeting the needs of their target market.

Once the design was finalised, measurements were taken and handed over to Chinese partners so that manufacturing could take place and the order could be matched to the desired interest.

You can visit their website here: https://aquaroc.com

3D models can be used to create interactive product visualizations, which can help businesses to engage customers and sell more products. For example, businesses can use 3D models to create virtual showrooms, interactive product demos, and augmented reality experiences.

Check out our other 3D modelling work here: https://design.neilmcnally.co.uk/portfolio

3D Model software rendering of a concept bathroom tap design for Aquaroc
Neil McNally

Neil McNally

Neil Stephen McNally is the owner of NMD and will be your primary contact from concept to completion.
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