Logo & Business Card Design – Traydle®

I had the pleasure of collaborating with Traydle®, an inspiring UK startup breaking ground in accessibility solutions. They approached me with a model concept for a product that would empower self-service independence, and the challenge of crafting a brand identity that reflected their innovative spirit.

Our initial focus was developing a strong wordmark logo for Traydle®. It was crucial to create something both versatile and memorable that could seamlessly transition across physical products and all their business communication. Here’s where a touch of creative play came in: we subtly transformed the “Y” in Traydle® into a small wheel, a clever nod to the product’s core functionality.

As Traydle® navigated the exciting yet demanding startup phase, their needs naturally grew. They returned for a suite of additional branded assets, including:

  • Professional Email Signatures: Ensuring consistency and brand recognition in every email exchange.
  • Comprehensive Logo Packs: Providing Traydle® with the flexibility to utilize their logo across various print and digital formats.

The end result? A brand identity that not only met Traydle®’s initial needs but also grew alongside their company. Their satisfaction with the project mirrored my own – it was a true testament to the power of collaborative design.

Thinking of Branding Your Startup?

If you’re a startup brimming with potential, I can help you translate your vision into a brand identity that resonates. Just like Traydle®, I’m passionate about crafting brands that are both impactful and adaptable, ready to take center stage as your business takes flight. Get in touch today to discuss your branding journey!

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