Poster Design – Thornafest Festival 2024

Thornafest, a beloved local festival, was gearing up for a new season. With a change of management and a brand new festival site, it was clear that a refresh was in order.

Understanding the festival’s rich history and its reputation for fun-filled, music-centric experiences was paramount. However, the new management and venue presented an opportunity to inject fresh energy and intrigue.

My approach began with the logo. The original design, while familiar, didn’t quite capture the vibrant and dynamic spirit the festival had become known for. I crafted a new logo that was a bold departure. It incorporated vibrant colors and playful elements, reflecting the diverse musical acts and lively atmosphere festival-goers could expect. This visual shift not only signaled something new was brewing but also hinted at the exciting experiences waiting to be discovered at this years festival.

The poster design mirrored the energy of the logo. I opted for a design that celebrated the spirit of music itself. Musical elements like notes and sound waves dance across the poster, creating a sense of anticipation and excitement.

This rebrand wasn’t just about aesthetics; it was a strategic communication tool. By creating a visually distinct identity, we aimed to capture the attention of potential festival-goers, both familiar faces and newcomers. The new visuals subtly communicated the exciting changes while reassuring loyal attendees that the heart and soul of Thornafest remained the same. With the rebrand campaign in place, Thornafest was poised to not only fill its new venue but also create a buzz around the upcoming season, ensuring a successful and memorable event for all.

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